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Getting started

A step by step guide to getting started and setup ConvertWise

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Step 1

Enable the ConvertWise Script by clicking on the Enable button. Learn more.

Step 2

Start with activating Wise Cart. It is ConvertWise's AI-powered cart which will show upsell-cross sell recommendation right in your cart along with a progress bar and announcement banner to boost your AOV.

Step 3

After setting up Wise Cart also launch our most powerful and loved feature - AI recommendation. It helps in easier navigation leading to an increase in conversions.

Please note - Our system (since it's AI) takes time to collate the data and show recommendations. Till the recommendations aren't generated, we use the fallback option of recommendations by Shopify. This usually takes around 24 hours if your store has decent traffic of ~50/day

Step 4

When you're creating the campaign, you might want to design the widget to look similar to your website. You can do this through the Design Tab where you can change the Font, Color, Size and other attributes of the campaign

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on more tips and tricks to improve conversions.

Go through our best practices to launch some of the other campaigns.

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