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Billing Criteria

Once the 21-day free trial has ended, a fixed monthly subscription is charged based on the plan you select. Your pricing will be based on your total store orders per month as follows

Monthly Store Orders

Price per month ($)

Upto 100


Upto 200


Upto 300


Upto 400


Upto 500


Upto 600


Upto 700


Upto 800


Upto 900


Upto 1000


Upto 1100


Upto 1200


Upto 1300


Upto 1400


Upto 1500


Upto 2000



Custom Pricing

There are no setup costs or usage-based charges.

When you exceed the number of monthly orders in your chosen plan you will be asked to approve a higher charge limit, so that we can upgrade you to the next plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be charged for ConvertWise?

Charges for ConvertWise are managed by Shopify, following their billing policies. Upon selecting a plan, a charge is generated and applied after the 21-day trial period. Each plan includes all our features and priority support. As your number of orders grows and we get more data, you'll see more value from our personalization features.

Will ConvertWise help us set up?

While the app is fairly DIY, we provide free setup support to all our merchants. In all paid plans, we also write custom CSS for your store if needed.

What happens if I exceed my monthly order limit?

If you exceed the order limit in your plan, we'll give you 3 additional days to upgrade to the next plan or your campaigns might stop showing on your website. To avoid this, you can approve a higher charge limit so that we can automatically upgrade you the next plan without your intervention.

Is there bulk pricing for high order volume stores?

Yes, we have many high order stores including Shopify plus merchants. If your store does more than 2000 orders/month please reach out to us for bulk pricing offer.

I have multiple stores. Do you have any deals for me?

Absolutely! If you have more than 1 store, you can reach out to our team via chat support and we'll be happy to offer you a discount.

If you require further clarification or additional information regarding your current pricing model, we urge you to contact our team. Our experienced representatives are equipped to offer you thorough insights. Don't hesitate to reach out, as we are dedicated to addressing all your pricing inquiries to your satisfaction.

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